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WSL UDPATE - Covid-19

Just over two weeks has passed since our last “Covid-19 Update”.

During this time we have been contacted by many of our customers that are manufacturing and supplying products that are used in/by the healthcare industry.

Applications from flooring and roofing systems used in the construction of rapid build hospitals around the world to foamed PVC sheets used as partitions in temporary hospitals and other healthcare facilities. It has become clear that our products are being used in some vitally important projects in the fight against the Covid-19 coronavirus.

WSL continue to operate with a number of safety measures in place. Employees that can work from home are doing so and have been set up with Microsoft Teams video conferencing software which has been utilised to hold meetings with colleagues and business partners.

Our production team are continuing to work safely, following the government recommendations of keeping a two metre distance between each other. Correct PPE is worn at all times and regular, thorough hand washing takes place. Break times are staggered throughout the working day to avoid a gathering of multiple personnel at any one time.

We are still accepting orders as normal and we will keep our website and Linkedin profile updated with any further developments.

We send our best wishes to our colleagues and friends around the world as we find ourselves in the most challenging of times for generations.

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