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“What are Chemical Foaming Agents?”

Fascom™ Chemical Foaming Agents are a range of polymer additives designed to decompose during normal processing of that polymer at elevated temperatures (150ºC+). On doing so, they release a high volume of gas which can be trapped within the polymer melt creating a cellular or foamed structure. By forming a cellular structure the initial benefit created is a reduction in specific gravity, i.e. weight 

“What are the benefits of using Chemical Foaming Agents?”

• Easier Handling (reduced transport costs, ease of installation)   

• Reduced Polymer Requirement (lower cost, environmental gain)         

• Improved Product Dimensions (anti sink in moulding, increased volume without weight, increased thickness, increased rigidity) 

• Improved Insulation (sound, thermal)                     

• Cushioning (shock absorption)                         

• Design Aesthetics (surface detailing, three dimensional patterns)                             

• Aquatic (the product may float)

“How do I select the correct grade of Chemical Foaming Agent?”

Grade selection is important as many options exist.  WSL have an extensive range of products and chemistries designed to cover numerous applications, process methods and temperatures. Utilising WSL’s technical expertise and dedicated foam laboratory we can also assist by developing custom formulations to meet specific processing requirements

Fascom Core Range

Fascom AZ4:  Pure ADC (4 micron) recommended for rubber and PVC applications

Fascom RP Range:  Modified and activated ADC for reduced plate-out

Fascom CS Plus:  Highly activated ADC for PVCu and rubber processing

Fascom CS Max:  Very highly activated ADC for PVCu processing

Fascom CS Define:  Highly activated ADC for inhibition PVC plastisols

Fascom CS Ultra:  Very highly activated ADC for PVC processing (Liquid Dispersion Only)

Fascom CW Range:  Combined Exo/Endothermic system for PVCu profiles

Fascom BSH:  High purity OBSH

Fascom Natrium P:  Fine particle, treated Sodium Bicarbonate

All core grades are fully customisable. Please contact us now to discuss your specific requirements

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